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New album release! 

The Longing

**** LEO GOSSELIN **** *Grand Stick Soloist*

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Over the years that I've been studying and performing with the "Chapman Grand Stick Touchboard", a multitude of people and experiences have crossed my path. I've been blessed with some absolutely wonderful encounters that have touched me deeply. I want to thank all those people who have taken the time to allow my music to enter their lives in some small way. It is gratifying and greatly appreciated. The longing is my very first "all original" album. I wanted the the various pieces to convey the emotional elements that live within all of us, the most powerful of all being love.

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Technically, Mr. Gosselin is dazzling, but the emotional and expressive range he coaxes from his instrument is truly astonishing. The Chapman Stick has a captivating richness of tone unlike anything you've heard, and this is an artist with the stylistic versatility to exhibit it. Each genre in the eclectic program was authentically articulated: smouldering blues and coruscating jazz, lyrical New Age pieces played with the poignant tenderness; even fresh and winning renditions of traditional Celtic songs on this most non-traditional of instruments... ”

— Reena Kreindler - Winnipeg Free Press

Léo A. Gosselin

Grand Stick Soloist

Léo A. Gosselin is a pioneer and master of a radically   new technique on strings. The Chapman Stick Touchboard, invented by Emmett Chapman in 1974, represents a revolution in stringed instrument technology. The “Stick”, designed in 8, 10, and 12 string versions (the right hand tuned like a guitar, the left like a cello in reverse), is played percussively, with both hands free to sketch melodic lines in the manner of a keyboard.

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The Chapman Stick

Chapman Stick Technical Notes:  The Chapman Stick is a member of the guitar and bass family, and introduces a full two-handed piano technique applied directly to strings. It has a longer natural sustain than guitar, and yet is extremely percussive, the drumming of the fingers executing sharp, staccato rhythms with a strong and distinctive bass voice.  The technique of four major instruments - guitar, piano, bass, and drums - are brought together on this single Touchboard instrument. The divided fingerboard combines the advantages of a double neck and a single neck into one extremely versatile instrument with endless combinations of note patterns, chordal voicing, polyrythms and fingering techniques. With this dual tuning concept of two fingerboards on one neck, the hands can play independently, each hand relegated to its own string group, or interdependently with all eight fingers tapping interwoven patterns, and finger at any string.